Cedric Ceballos talks NBA career, Lakers, facing Michael Jordan, more

3:00: Surviving COVID

5:30: Where his drive to be great came from

6:30: Early on, he was not a good basketball player at all, but made sure to sit near coaches to learn

9:00: How his brother motivated him and pushed him as a player

11:15: Growing up on a block where drugs were constantly being sold

16:30: Working at a Taco Bell in junior college and how it led to his basketball career

19:00: Why he decided to go to CS-Fullerton

24:00: Getting drafted by Phoenix, his first stint with the Suns and the advice the vets gave him about scoring that was helpful

30:30: Ced recalls the first time he played against Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan

34:00: Ced and Rex reminisce about their days as teammates in Phoenix

36:00: The best in-game dunks during his first stint with Phoenix and his strong off-balance skills

41:30: Knowing Warren G and going to high school with a member of N.W.A.

44:30: Being part of the "bridge" Lakers teams between the Showtime era and Shaq/Kobe era

50:00: How Ced ended up back in Phoenix

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